Getting to the root of WHY

I am a wrestler. No, not an actual wrestler where I face an opponent on a gym mat, but a why wrestler. I have spent much of my adulthood searching for the whys in my life. 

Why do I behave this way? 

Why do I feel the way I do? 

Why do I keep repeating the same unhelpful patterns?

The questions create a pathway to healing and growth if taken to God in His Word and prayer because the answers guide change.  

I would love to help you become a why wrestler too.


Because as you wrestle with the whys of your thoughts, feelings, and actions, God will help you uncover the roots of your whys. As God guides you to the origins of your whys, you begin to change in Him, and change brings freedom.

I took this picture by a statue that was in process to remind me that I am in process too.

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